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Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion [live]

Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion [live]

Model: CD
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01. I Feel You
02. Walking In My Shoes
03. Condemnation
04. Mercy In You
05. Judas
06. In Your Room
07. Get Right With Me
08. Rush
09. One Caress
10. Higher Love

One of the odder releases in Depeche Mode's extensive catalogue. Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live is exactly what it sounds like: all 10 songs from the band's 10th studio album recorded live, in order, and released only six months after the studio album came out. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense, since Depeche Mode's breakthrough had been largely due to the concert album 101, and the band had put live recordings on the B-sides of their singles since the days when Vince Clarke was still in the band. The looser, more guitar-oriented arrangements of the album translate well to the stage; the bluesy "I Feel You" gains a swagger missing from the studio version, and "Walking in My Shoes" becomes fragile and ghostly. Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live is a surprising success.

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