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Echo & The Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here [2003 reissue]

Echo & The Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here [2003 reissue]
Model: CD
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CD: K2423162

01. Show Of Strength
02. With A Hip
03. Over The Wall
04. It Was A Pleasure
05. A Promise
06. Heaven Up Here
07. The Disease
08. All My Colours
09. No Dark Things
10. Turquoise Days
11. All I Want
12. Broke My Neck (long version) *
13. Show Of Strength (Live) *
14. The Disease (Live) *
15. All I Want (Live) *
16. Zimbo (Live) *

25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, digitally remastered with 5 extra bonustracks, new linernotes and unseen photos. The Bunnymen carried the brooding, melancholic, foreboding torch as as well as any of their post punk contemporaries, but they did so with the swagger and talent found in the classic mold of rock stars. The Bunnymen are a truly unique band and take their listeners into a world all their own on each of their albums. As the Bunnymen are their most unbridled on this record, this album expectedly gets the most mixed reviews among critics, but appears to be the most favorite among Echo's fans. The Bunnymen really are a tight, relaxed unit on this record, and it shows. Among McCullough's expressive baritone and literate, though cryptic, lyrics, DeFreites' inspiring, distictive, tribal drumming, and Pattinson's memorable bass lines, the most unique ingredient of the Bunnymen's sound, Will Seargent, is fittingly the one who appears to shine the brightest in this environment. He shreds through every guitar sound/noise any unorthodox post-punk guitarist would dream of attempting over the next decade. As impressive and important as his creation of some the most instantly memorable shoegazer/Gothicesque riffs (No Dark Things, Show of Strength, Over the Wall) ever, every bit as memorable with the post punk spirit, are the creation and incorporation of so many sounds and atmospheres into cohesive, accessible songs. If you're going to own just one post punk album , then this should be it.


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