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Editors - The Back Room

Editors - The Back Room

Model: CD
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LABEL: Kitchenware

01. Lights
02. Munich
03. Blood
04. Fall
05. All Sparks
06. Camera
07. Fingers In The Factories
08. Bullets
09. Someone Says
10. Open Your Arms
11. Distance

As the endless line in Joy Division wannabes continues to wind on, Editors emerge as one of the latest (interesting) bands to deal out slices of dark pop filled with shimmering guitar lines and dryly intoned vocal deliveries. To be fair, Editors do add more than enough of their own personality to proceedings to ensure they rise above much of the lesser efforts doing the rounds at the moment and it's the trump card of quality songwriting that really marks them out as a cut above. While appearing to arrive at the back end of a string of bands dealing in the same set of influences and sounds, Editors in fact sound more fully formed and far reaching than you might expect. Sure, you get traces of Interpol here and there and The Departure may have released their album first, but Editors manage to do things with just that extra bit of style and grace - their slower burning moments resonating with a touch more grandeur and their harder hitting side that little bit more punchier and to the point. "The Back Room" suggests that Editors are a band with the vision to truly excel, and as a debut album is about as strong a statement of intent as you could hope for. Simply put, a brilliant debut from a brilliant band.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Interpol, The Chameleons, Longwave, Joy Division, Elefant


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