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Human Drama - Cause & Effect

Human Drama - Cause & Effect

Model: CD
Beschikbaarheid: OP VOORRAAD
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CD: Projekt 139
LABEL: Projekt
LENGTH: 62:20 Minutes

01. I Am Not Here
02. Look At Me Now
03. Quiet Desperation
04. Imitation Of...
05. Goodnight Sweetheart
06. Lonely
07. Madame Hate's Mad Search For Love
08. Bang The Drum Slowly
09. The Mystery
10. Cynthia's Journal
11. The Battle
12. About Michelle
13. Dance Me To The End of Love

This album contains thirteen songs including a remake of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me To The End Of Love", perhaps the most important song of all time on what we quest for. Human Drama reshapes it and delivers a darker version, one that isn't as sad as Cohen's but is more sure of the fallacy and impossibility of what it asks for. The disc begins with the powerful and melodic "I Am Not Here", which painfully asks for removal. As well, Johnny Indovina reveals the very human desires of perfection, yet allowing us the view of its futility. We hear this in "Quiet Desperation", and in "Imitation Of...". It becomes more crystalized on "Lonely". Disgust isn't cast away as we realize that all this becomes quite ugly in "Goodnight Sweetheart". Emmy-Lou Harris' beautifully affecting "Bang The Drum Slowly" is unearthly as performed by Human Drama. Musically, Human Drama explores every realm. Rockers, ballads, and themes that incorporate the use of mournful guitars, somber keyboards, and haunting guitar leads that are beautiful to hear. "Cynthia's Journal" is a musical champion with its expressive leads. Human Drama is an accomplished band. Lyrically, Indovina knows few equals. In a world of instant gratification, Human Drama separate themselves from the surface of lust that many seek as a means to satisfy. Human Drama digs deeper, giving more import to the melancholy of broken love. The inspection of these are driven home by well worded revelations and sung effectively, hinting at disaffection as if from a deep well of sorrow. "Cause And Effect", is an album of the after effects of love, delivered in melody, in thought, in poetic reality, and in variations of musical dispensing becoming a collection of the spiritual fallout felt by love's eventual injustice. Expertly communicated, "Cause And Effect" becomes the soliloquy of every searching person saddened by unfilfilled promise. Fans of Human Drama will flock to this release as it showcases a deeply dramatic and dazzling album full of introspection and carried along artistically by their superb instrumentation. If you have just sat idly by, you need to immerse yourself in the richness of Human Drama.


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