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Movie - 24 Hour Party People

Movie - 24 Hour Party People
Model: DVD
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DVD: 983238-8
Region: 2 (PAL)
Language: English

Movie Tracklist
01. Anarchy in the U.K. - The Sex Pistols
02. 24 Hour Party People - Happy Mondays
03. Transmission - Joy Division
04. Ever Fallen in Love? - Buzzcocks
05. Janie Jones - The Clash
06. New Dawn Fades - Moby, New Order
07. Atmosphere - Joy Division
08. Otis - The Durutti Column, The Durutti Column
09. Voodoo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald
10. Temptation - New Order
11. Loose Fit - Happy Mondays
12. Pacific State - 808 State
13. Blue Monday - New Order
14. Move Your Body - Marshall Jefferson,
15. She's Lost Control - Joy Division
16. Hallelujah [Club Mix] - Happy Mondays
17. Here to Stay - New Order
18. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

Full of energy and wit, 24 Hour Party People tells the story of Tony Wilson, a maverick TV journalist in Manchester England. Tony also hosts a music TV show and attends lots of local gigs by the punk groups of the 70's. Inspired by a single Sex Pistols performance he decides to start his own record label. Tony Wilson's Factory record label put out some of the best punk and new wave music of the 70s and 80s, featuring bands such as Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays. The trials and tribulations of Tony running a record company are interesting indeed, as he explicitly shows drug binges, booze bashes, girl chasing and general mayhem. He opens a nightclub for live bands (and later DJs) that becomes as trend setting as his record label. The structure of 24 Hour Party People is unique in that Steve Coogan presents the story in character as Tony Wilson recounting his life. He then cuts to himself in character actually doing the things or meeting the people that he has just described. Its sounds confusing but its actually handled quite smoothly. Archival footage of bands (Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, etc) is often inter cut right into the dramatic scenes and the effect, while at first jarring, eventually proves quite effective. The acting is solid across the board and Sean Harris (as Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis) is especially good. If you are looking for a slightly offbeat independent film and have a taste for the punk/new wave music of the 80's then give 24 Hour Party People a shot.


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