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New Order - Get Ready

New Order - Get Ready

Model: CD
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CD: 8573 896212
LABEL: London

01. Crystal
02. 60 Miles An Hour
03. Turn My Way
04. Vicious Streak
05. Primitive Notion
06. Slow Jam
07. Rock The Shack
08. Someone Like You
09. Close Range
10. Run Wild

New Order return after 8 long years with an album which may shock a few people; gone are the trademark synths and happy-clappy piano - in come screeching feedback and dog-stared guitars. This is wise, "Get Ready" is how New Order should have done things from the beginning. Instead of being the whispered legends they are now, they would have been HUGE. All members have jumped in, drawing from their extensive cataloge. Hook's moody bass is back from the mid-eighties, along with Albrecht's chopping guitar and the sound of a band out to show the pop kids how it can and should be done. Muted progressive synths underlie almost every track. You can take most heart from the fact that the spirit of Joy Division and Ian Curtis' vision has been finally resurrected after so long. A lot of bands lose it after nearly a decade of being dormant, New Order have shown that time just makes the beat grow stronger. This is a 'proper' comeback album in every sense of the word...


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