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Pale Fountains - ... From Across The Kitchen Table

Pale Fountains - ... From Across The Kitchen Table

Model: CD
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CD: CDV2333
LABEL: Virgin

01. Shelter
02. Stole The Love
03. Jean's Not Happening
04. Bicycle Thieves
05. Limit
06. 27 Ways To Get Back Home
07. Bruised Arcade
08. These Are The Things
09. It's Only Hard
10. From Across The Kitchen Table
11. Hey
12. September Sting

The Pale Fountains' (Ian Broudie-produced) second record recalls a couple of excellent influences of the debut album. The Fountains' strength lies in folksy pop, surprisingly, the title track is almost synth-pop, but a smattering of horns makes sure it isn't completely such. This bunch is able to write finely tuned, sophisticated pop songs that are extremely pleasant. "Shelter" and "Jean's Not Happening" (the guitar intro to Jeans Not Happening alone is worth the price of admission!) are fine strummers. After establishing themselves as a cult band, the Pale Fountains eventually broke up. Still, minor quibbles aside this Pale Fountains release remains an intriguing look into one of the great modern misunderstood geniuses, Michael Head. And because not many people bought Pale Fountains records when they came out, this CD reissue is probably the only way most of us are ever going to hear them at all.

Influences / Similar Artists:
Shack, Michael Head, The Strands, Love, Nick Drake, Beatles


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