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Shriekback - Cormorant [bonus tracks]

Shriekback - Cormorant [bonus tracks]

Model: CD
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CD: MD605
LABEL: Blunt

01. Ronny
02. Sea Theory
03. Waterbaby
04. Huytfi Dbl Plus
05. The Strongest Wind That Blows
06. Load The Boat
07. Troublemeat
08. Reason With The Beast
09. Bonehead
10. Voiled Karletus
11. True Passage
12. Il Mystera Del Tempo
13. Month Of Sand *
14. Planet *
15. Nimbulus *
16. Thumbless *

* bonustracks

Cormorant is Shriekback's first full-length release since 2000's 'Naked Apes & Pond Life', and marks their strongest material since 'Big Night Music'. It is provoking and seducing in equal measures, a soulful, insistent and sometimes riotous collection of songs and distracting instrumentals. For the neophytes, Shriekback are a band that emerged in the mid-eighties, defying genre and form with their sinewy rhythms and intelligent lyrics, grounded in the heady vocals of Barry Andrews and the throbbing basslines of Dave Allen. For a band that originally disbanded in 1989, they have been busy of late, with an ep in 2002 featuring most of the original lineup, and now a new full-length. Cormorant is equally interesting for the cast of players it brings to the feast. On three of the tracks- Troublemeat, Reason With The Beast and Sea Theory- we're treated to a reunion of sorts with XTC frontman Andy Partridge on guitar. Ronny sets the stage on Cormorant, Andrews unmistakable baritone drifting above Barker's complex percussion layers. Partridge's hushed vocals are the candle on the cupcake, immediately giving the track a classic Shriekback feel. Cormorant is both a welcome return to form and a powerful evolution for a band that have never failed to deliver classy, meaningful and toe-tapping music. Hearing some of the combinations produced by this collective at once recall their better moments, while also inventing new forms within their oeuvre. The canon of Shriekback is further fortified by this hefty dose of sonic bliss.

Influences / Similar Artists:
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