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The Eden House - Smoke & Mirrors

The Eden House - Smoke & Mirrors

Model: CD
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LABEL: Jungle

  1. To Believe In Something (feat. Monica Richards)
  2. All My Love (feat. Julianne Regan)
  3. Gods Pride (feat. Amandine Ferrari)
  4. Reach Out (feat. Evi Vine)
  5. Trashed Treasure (feat. Julianne Regan)
  6. Iron in the Soul (feat. Amandine Ferrari)
  7. Fire for You (feat. Evi Vine)
  8. The Beauty of Science (feat. Julianne Regan)
  9. The Dark Half (feat. Evi Vine)
  10. Sin (feat. Amandine Ferrari)

The Eden House is a brand-new project set up by Stephan Carey (This Burning Effigy) and the Tony Pettitt (Fields Of The Nephilim). There's no real vocalist in this project, but several female guest vocalists. The most famous ones are without a shadow of doubt Julianne Regan (All About Eve) singing on 3 songs and Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse) singing on the opening song 'To Believe In Something'. This track is a real fascinating opener mixing pop and rock elements together. The result is a quite powerful spiced with a Gothic touch on top. The vocals of Monica Richards totally fits to the song. Notice by the way that next to the vocalists The Eden House also invited several guest musicians to realize 'Smoke & Mirrors'. The songs with Julianne Regan on vocals are 3 remarkable cuts as well. 'All My Love' is pretty well done with some great synth lines on top. 'Trashed Treasure' and 'The Beauty Of Science' reveal the main style and mood of 'Smoke & Mirrors' which moves into wafting electro-gothic pieces. The 2 other vocalists (Amandine Ferrari and Evi Vine) each take 3 songs for their part and here again we get some floating sensation. The sound of The Eden House is really atmospheric. 'Gods Pride' sounds a little tiny psychedelic adding an extra dimension to the composition. 'Reach Out' and 'The Dark Half' both sung by Evi Vine are 2 more attention grabbers on the list. Delicate female vocals have been mixed with a kind of evasive gothic sound. The guitar parts from 'Fire For You' are also quite wafting adding a little bonus to the song. The Eden House is a fascinating duo with talented guests giving birth to a magical album!

Influences / Similar Artists:
All About Eve, Dead Can Dance, This Burning Effigy, Fields Of The Nephilim, Faith & The Muse


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