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The Room - No Dream [best of]

The Room - No Dream [best of]

Merk: LTM
Model: CD
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01. Motion
02. In Sickeness And In Health
03. Bated Breath
04. Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl
05. No Dream
06. Hate Haze
07. 100 Years
08. Never (demo)
09. The Ride
10. A Shirt Of Fire
11. Whirlpool
12. Jackpot Jack
13. Crying Red
14. Calloused Hands
15. Here Comes The Floor (demo)
16. The Storm (demo)
17. Untitled (demo)
18. Jeremiah (demo)

Digitally remastered compilation CD by The Room, the cult Liverpool band who released three albums and a slew of singles between 1980 and 1986. Formed by songwriter Dave Jackson and bassist Becky Stringer in 1979, The Room reaped critical acclaim with singles such as In Sickness And In Health and Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl, as well as the album Indoor Fireworks (1982) and several John Peel BBC sessions. In 1983-84 the band had a shot a chart success on a major label, with the excellent album In Evil Hour produced by John Porter (Smiths) and mercurial Television personality Tom Verlaine. In 1988 the core of the band morphed into Benny Profane, and later still became Dead Cowboys. No Dream is an unashamed Best Of compilation spanning the band's entire career, comprising singles, choice album cuts and unreleased demo tracks from their final studio session. From the monochrome post-punk of debut single Motion to the rich textures of In Evil Hour, even the most cursory listen reveals The Room as one of the most criminally underrated bands of their time. 18 tracks, 74 minutes of music, with detailed band history from singer and chief songwriter Dave Jackson.

Influences / Similar Artists:
The Wild Swans, Care, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, The Smiths


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